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Ranks and Positions Empty Ranks and Positions

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4.Sgt- Squad Ldr
5.Staff Sgt- Squad Ldr
6.Sgt 1st Class- Squad-Ldr
7.Master Sgt- Platoon SGt
8.1st Sgt- NCO Company-Commander
9.Sgt Major- XO
10.CSM- NCO Leader


1. 2nd lietunant- Platoon Leaders
2. 1st Lietunant Platoon Leaders
3. Captain Company Commanders
4. Major Devolopment-Team
5. Lt. Colonel BT XO
6. Colonel Battlion Commanders
7. Brigadear General XO
8. Major General XO
9. Leiteinant General XO
10. General Brigade-Commander


1. Co-Leader XO
2. Leader Staff-Commander
3.Co-Founder XO
4.President Owner OF Clan

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